Our company, with Romanian private capital exclusively, was founded in 1993 out of the desire to be a player on the forged parts market. We fully respond to the demand in our area of activity, that requires material economy and increasing quality too.

We work with steels and through the forging process we bring the parts close to the required final dimensions, this making a considerable saving of material.

At TPS, our goal is also the increase in the quality of these materials. Through the process of forging the characteristics of steels change and become significant superior, therefore those can be used at low cost in industries with high claims in the quality register: aviation, petrochemical, military, automotive etc. The quality of the products made by TPS is validated both by the certifications at our disposal and by our customers with high standards of required quality.

We only use raw materials that are carefully checked. The work process is closely watched, so no non-compliant part comes out from our factory. Most of the production is delivered to external partners, but in Romania too.

The development of TPS has also aimed at a horizontal extension over time, so now we also have a modern mechanical processing department with numerically controlled machines, so that the productivity and the quality are always at maximum levels.

We have a special interest in research and improvement of our production.

Environmental protection is a priority of TPS, as is the health and safety at work of our employees.

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