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Products processed by hot plastic deformation are made of carbon steels, alloy steels and high alloys, tool steels, martensitic steels, as well as non-ferrous alloys (deformable bronzes and brass, aluminum, titanium alloys etc.)

To produce molded parts (extruded or forged in molding) T.P.S. COM has modern inductive heating machines, as well as furnaces heated with methane gas. These machines are equipped with temperature control.

T.P.S. COM also makes free forging on pneumatic hammers. The production capacity is about 60 tons/month. We have the technical possibility to deliver parts deformed at high temperatures or processed at final dimensions.

We are specialized in forging, precision forging,free forging, rolling and high precision machining

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Parts Design

The design of the pieces is done using 3D design programs, by our engineers.



Cutting is carried out on automatic saws, which is the heart of the factory.


Forging is done on hydraulic, mechanical presses or forging hammers.


Mechanical processing is done on the best machines, with CNC Okuma.

Primary Heat Treatment

We perform heat treatment to improve the characteristics of materials.


TPS delivers marked parts using three-axis numerically controlled marking machines.

Our Products

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